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The Original Weekend Lead List!

Why Do I Want A Weekend Lead List?

Supplement Your Weekday Lead Lists

Ever hit the weekend ready to source and get that empty feeling when you realize you have to wait until Monday for new leads? Not any more. Use our subscription to fill in the gap and receive leads every single day.

More Leads

Are you actively trying to scale up your business? Would more profitable online arbitrage leads help you reach your sales goals? More buying opportunities = more inventory = more sales.

Weekend Warrior

Are weekends the best time for you to work on your reselling business? Maybe you have a full-time job and sell on Amazon as a side hustle? Get fresh leads when you need them the most.

Part-Time Amazon Seller

Is Amazon FBA only one income stream under your entrepreneur umbrella? Paying for leads that you don't have time to review is a waste of money. An affordable list with a manageable amount of deals may be perfect for your business.

Online Arbitrage Leads

At Least $5+ profit

Often more, but never less than $5 profit per lead.

Minimum 30%+ ROI

The average ROI will be higher, but this is the benchmark to make our list.

Limited to 25 Sellers or Less

The list will be capped to preserve the profitability of the products. Lists will not be oversold.

Manually & Software Sourced

A mixture of manually sourced and software sourced leads ensures quality and a diverse collection of stores.

Fully Vetted

All leads are reviewed by an active US-based Amazon seller. If we wouldn't buy it, you won't see it.

Minimum 15 Keepa Drops

Keepa drops are more reliable and measurable than sales estimates. Each lead will average at least 15 drops per month.

*More on Keepa Drops in FAQ

Alpha Weekend List

Mixed Categories & Restrictions
$ 99 Monthly
  • 7-10 Leads on Both Sat & Sun
  • Avg $7+ Profit & >30% ROI
  • Saturday & Sunday Email Delivery ~12pm est

Weekend #1

Mixed Categories & Restrictions
$ 79 Monthly
  • 7-10 Leads on Both Sat & Sun
  • Avg $7+ Profit & >30% ROI
  • Saturday & Sunday Email Delivery ~12pm est

Database Builder Weekend

Mixed Categories & Restrictions
$ 25 Monthly
  • Bonus Leads that didn't meet full list criteria
  • Build your leads database affordably
  • Saturday & Sunday Email Delivery ~12pm est
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